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Atsushi Takenouchi “HANA | flowers“ | video clip

Butoh, dance, Japan culture, Jinen Butoh

A performance of the world renowned Butoh master and performer Atshushi Takenouchi with the musician and composer Hiroko Komiya

at free Self-managed Theater EMPROS.

Choreography/performance: Atsushi Takenouchi

Live music (zither,percussion,voice):Hiroko Komiya

Open your life to the universe.

Embracing life’s triumph and honour the memory of the soul of billion years,
the innocence from darkness to light and death to life is constantly repeated and continues to open.

The beginning of the universe is love.
The flowers stare at the stars. 

Event by Quantum Body Athens Butoh Dance GroupQuilombo Centro Cultural

Athens, Greece, 2023

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