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Artemia honey | logo design

Artemia honey
Artemia honey
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Artemia honey

honey, bee, honey making, 100% natural, foreign target group


"ARTEMiA" is a new brand of honey. It is a Greek and 100% natural product.

There are 3 tastes:




Image: The bee worker in a flower, in top view.

The whole image depicts an emblem to express the idea of harmlessness, integrity, completeness,

the meaning of the ancient greek word "artemia". 

The basic idea of this logo design is the beginning procedure of making honey:

In the first place, bees eat the pollen they collect.

It is at the first part of the bee's stomach where pollen is becoming liquid while digesting.

This part of the stomach ~ the drop ~ is focused as it is the only asymmetric part of the logo.

This premature 'honey' passes through the mouth from bee to bee for digestion

until they locate and seal it at the honeycomb.

Find more about the project here. Currently only in greek.

Athens, Greece, 2017

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