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The Symptom Project 05. Failure | video documentary

A video documentary presents the two-day 'failure' project took place in Amfissa, October 2014. It was included an art exhibition and a day of gathering and talk about Failure and more.

The video is in Greek.


some further info about the project:
The Symptom Projects
Curated by: Theodoros Zafeiropoulos

The exhibition includes 30 artists and groups from Greece and abroad.

During the exhibition, Sunday, October 5 (10.30-14.30) in the historic Mastronikolopoulo’s cafe will be presented a series of "asymptote dialogues" with the participation of: Dallas Alexios, Zavlari Meropi, Zafeiropoulos Theodoros, Sophia Dona, Palivou Stathoula, Filippos Oraiopoulos (Informal studio of Neo -Poetics).
Invited speakers: Fay Zika (Art Theorist, Assistant Professor of ASFA) and Bahtsetzis Sotiris (art historian, curator).
The exhibition and the collateral events are recorded for the production of a short documentary film by Eleni Fetta. / el.fe.

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